Jun Hatori / 羽鳥 潤

Software Engineer / Researcher (NLP/ML/Robotics)

I am passionate for applying cutting-edge ML and AI technologies to various domains, with a particular focus on the language, vision and robotics. One of my ultimate goals is to use the technologies to facilitate human's (literary, artistic or whatever) creative activities and to make access to humanity's intellectual assets easier.

I currently work for Preferred Networks, a Tokyo-based AI startup. Formerly, I was working for Apple Inc in California. I received PhD in Computer Science from University of Tokyo in 2012.

Recent Projects

Autonomous Tidying-up Robot

Was a core member of Preferred Networks' autonomous tidying-up robot project at CEATEC JAPAN 2018

Interactive Picking Robot

Co-authored an ICRA-2018's best paper on commanding a robot to perform a picking task interactively

Joint Word Segmentation and Parsing

A part of my PhD dissertation (2012)

Recent Activities


  • NHK Educational TV — Introduction to AI Series: #9 "Life" (人間ってナンだ?超AI入門 第9回「暮らす」) (2019) [video]

  • BBC — “Disruptors: Making a Better Future” (short interview covered in the program) (2019) [web]

  • NVIDIA The AI Podcast — Ep. 101: Clean Sweep: Tokyo Robotics Company Builds Tidying Robots (2019) [podcast]


  • Keynote Talk at World Robot Conference 2019, Oct 2019 (Beijing, China) [video]

  • Talk at NVIDIA GTC Silicon Valley 2019 — Bringing Personal Robots Home, March 2019 (San Jose, CA) [video]

  • Keynote Talk at ViEW (Vision Engineering Workshop) 2019 (Tokyo, Japan)

Academic Activities

  • Reviewer: EMNLP / COLING / IPSJ Journal / Journal of Natural Language Processing

  • Session Chair: ACL-2012 (morphology and word segmentation)

  • Co-Chair: Student Research Workshop at ACL-2012

  • Program Committee: Second Workshop on Advances in Text Input Methods (WTIM-2)

Professional Experiences

  • Software engineer, Preferred Networks, Inc. (May 2017 – current; Tokyo, Japan)

  • Software engineer, Apple Inc (Aug 2012 – April 2017; Cupertino, CA)

  • Research intern, Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA) (2011; Beijing, China)

  • Research intern, Microsoft Research Redmond (MSR) (2010; Redmond, WA)

  • Research intern, IBM Research – Tokyo (2009; Tokyo, Japan)


  • Ph.D. in Computer Science, University of Tokyo (2012)

  • M.A/Sc. in Interdisciplinary Information Studies, University of Tokyo (2009)

  • B.Sc. in Earth and Planetary Physics, University of Tokyo (2007)